Winter Storm Snowmagedocalypsicane (Tonight-Wednesday Winter Storm)

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A ridiculous name I know, but here are your forecast snowfall totals for tonight into tomorrow (updated map will be up this afternoon after I work):

  • Erie: 6-12″
  •  Oil City: 5-10″
  •  Franklin: 4-8″
  •  Butler: 3-6″
  •  Pittsburgh: 1-3″ dahntahn; 2-4″ in the Burbs. Up to .2″ of ice, mainly east
  •  Uniontown: Maybe an inch or 2. Sleet/rain mainly.
  •  Bradford: 6-12″
  •  State College: 3-6″. <0.1″ of ice
  •  Breezewood: 1-3″ of snow. Up to 0.5″ of ice.
  •  Scranton: 5-10″
  •  Reading: 1-3″ of snow. Up to 0.3″ of ice.
  •  Philly: 1-2″ of snow. Up to 0.3″ of ice. Burbs north could see 2-4″ of snow
  •  NYC: 2-4″. Up to 0.4″ of ice.
  •  Frederick, MD: Up to 0.4 inches of ice.
  •  DC: Mainly rain with some crap potentially mixed in. Ice should stay north of city.

NOTE: Ice accumulations >.1″ are significant and potentially dangerous

  • Start: Around 8pm Tuesday (Moves into PA)
  • End: Around 8pm Wednesday
  • Biggest threats: Heavy Snow, Freezing Rain/Ice, Low Visibilities, Untreated Roads, Hilly Roads Covered In Ice
  • Freezing rain potential worst in south-central PA and northern MD. Philly and Pittsburgh could see some ice accumulations as well.


  • DO NOT DRIVE if you do not have to, especially tonight through Wednesday morning.
  • Travel Slowly and with Caution. Low and slow like cooking BBQ.
  • Be safe folks!