• Exxon unity design system

    ExxonMobil Unity Design System

    We constructed an enterprise-level design system called Unity for the Fortune 5 company, building a large toolbox of UI components for their hundreds of developers to use to build consistent applications. My role included building out these UI components, incorporating them into several pilot projects, creating the Unity reference site, and extensively documenting the principles and guidelines of the design system.


  • Harvard Business School Digital Initiative

    We teamed with the HBS Digital Initiative to provide a new strategy, CMS, and UI to display their knowledge about the digital transformation of the economy in the form of monthly editions. My role involved building out the frontend of the site and style guide to provide consistency across the site and to help expedite future enhancements to the Digital Initiative’s products.


  • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

    We worked with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to create a website and design system that better represents their brand and separates it from your standard Las Vegas resort. My role involved developing the frontend of the website, building modularly to create the design system alongside this site. I also helped develop the design system reference site and document the various components.


  • Dotdash (formerly

    We collaborated with the team at Dotdash to break the many categories of down into separate, more specific, websites to better serve their users. My role was to help with frontend production code while also sitting down with the designers and developers to help them work together. I focused mostly on the site for the Verywell brand, building modularly to create the foundation for a design system to use for their other brands like The Balance and The Spruce.


Other Projects