Winter Storm Sloppalopagus IV

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Looking like a sloppy situation this morning. Here’s the situation and what to expect:

  • Radar at 6:12am (Note: Radar uses algorithms to depict rain/snow/mix. Rain/snow line may not be exact) 
  • Temperatures continue to fall through much of the day allowing for the rain/snow line to shift further south.
  • Northern MD/Southern PA: 3-6″ with isolated higher amounts likely depending on where the heaviest band of snow sets up. Visibility could decrease to below 1/2 mile at times
  • Phily: 3-6″ with higher localized amounts; Baltimore could see 1-3″; Downtown DC a coating to 1″
  • Risks: Could get more snow north of DC if temperatures drop faster than anticipated.
  • Biggest Threats: Low visibility, quick accumulations, slick/sloppy roads

Drive safe folks!