Winter Storm Bumblebee Tuna to affect PA this weekend

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It’s a cold start to the day. Current wind chills (as of 7:15am): Erie: 3°; Franklin: -2°; Hasson Heights: 0°; Butler: -2°; Pittsburgh: 3°; Uniontown: 8°. Temperatures will stay cold into the night before temperatures start to warm up a little into the weekend. Conditions will stay dry the next couple of days before the snow storm moves in on Saturday. Areas across the south will see snow change to rain (Pittsburgh, maybe DC) while areas in the north (Erie, Oil City) see mainly snow. Still thinking 3-6″ for Oil City as long as southerly flow doesn’t advect too much warm air aloft into the region. Risks to the higher side are possible for areas north of Oil City, especially with lake-effect into Sunday. Thinking Pittsburgh could see an inch or so before rain washes it away. As for DC, dry today and tomorrow before a risk of rain (and potential snow/sleet mixed in). Highs in the 20s this afternoon will give way to 30s the next couple of days. Lows in the 20s are expected. Anyways, bundle up again (or pull your significant other close to you) because it’s cold. Enjoy your thirsty Thursday!