U2’s New Hit Single: “It’s an Even More Beautiful Day”

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It’s going to be sunny and unseasonably warm. Have a great weekend! Enjoy!
Current (~6-6:30am) Temperatures (Wind Chills Coming Soon):
  • Erie, PA: 54
  • Franklin, PA: 46
  • New Castle, PA: 50
  • Butler, PA: 50
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KAGC): 56
  • Uniontown, PA: 57
  • State College, PA: 48
  • Frederick, MD: 54
  • BWI Airport, MD: 55
  • DC (KDCA):  62


Western PA:

Main threat: None.

  • Today: Patchy fog this morning. Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid 70s Overnight Lows: Upper 40s to Mid 50s
  • Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 70s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 50s
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 70s Overnight Lows: Mid to Upper 50s

DC Region:

Main threat: None.

  • Today: Clouds decrease throughout the day. Becoming mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 70s Overnight Lows:  Upper 50s/Low 60s
  • Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Upper 70s/Low 80s Overnight Lows: Upper 50s/Low 60s
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low to Mid 80s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 60s

Good News: Sunny all weekend. Warmer than normal this time of year. Get the heck outside!

Bad News: And the bad news is…there is no bad news. I was just joking.