Potential Winter Storm Early Next Week Becoming More Than Just Potential

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Cold now, winter storm later. Potential winter storm looks more likely to start out next week. I plan to put out a snowfall map either tonight or tomorrow. It looks like the worst of it starts Sunday night as it continues into Monday or early Tuesday. Considering the storm is 4 days out, the exact details with snowfall amounts/timing of this system/precipitation type need to be ironed out but this looks like it is going to happen. So get ready to saddle up again for more snow (Booooo).

Current (~7am) Temperatures:

  • Everywhere: Brrrrr
  • Erie, PA:  15; Wind Chill: -1
  • Franklin, PA: 12; Wind Chill: -2
  • New Castle, PA: 14; Wind Chill: -2
  • Butler, PA:  16; Wind Chill: 0
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 17; Wind Chill: 2
  • Uniontown, PA: 14; Wind Chill: 3
  • State College, PA: 18; Wind Chill: 5
  • Frederick, MD:  16; Wind Chill: 16
  • BWI Airport, MD:  20; Wind Chill: 20
  • DC (KDCA):  27; Wind Chill: 18


Western PA:

Main threat: Cold, Wind Chills Below 0, Light Snow

  • Thursday:  Chance of snow, mainly in the north. Afternoon Highs: Teens/Low 20s  Overnight Lows: Positive/Negative single digits. Wind chills below 0.
  • Friday: Partly cloudy. Highs: Teens/20s Overnight Lows: Teens/Low 20s
  • Saturday: Light snow possible. Highs: 30s/low 40s Overnight Lows: Teens/20s

DC Region: 

Main threat: Cold

  • Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Upper 30s/Low 40s Overnight Lows: Teens
  • Friday: Mostly sunny  Highs: Mid 20s/Low 30s Overnight Lows: Upper Teens/20s
  • Saturday:  Slight chance of light snow/rain  Highs: Upper 30s/Low 40s Overnight Lows: 30s

Good News: Normal temperatures for this time of year continue to increase. About the only good news.

Bad News: Strong cold continues. Winter storm brings more wintry weather next week.