Back To the Old Grindstone

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I am back after a wonderful vacation that was too short. Looking like this morning will stay dry before a chance of rain moves in later today and into tonight. The threat of showers and thunderstorms will continue into at least the middle of the week as a low pressure system lingers in the region. Temperatures will be relatively cool but comfortable with highs in the 50s and 60s and some areas in southwest PA and the DC Region reaching the low 70s by Wednesday. Lows will stay warmer than normal due to cloud coverage and moisture at night. Kind of an ugly middle of the week. Stay dry and have a good week folks!
Current (6-6:30am) Temperatures
  • Erie, PA:  44; Wind Chill: 38
  • Franklin, PA: 39; Wind Chill: 31
  • New Castle, PA: 43; Wind Chill: 38
  • Butler, PA: 43; Wind Chill: 35
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 47; Wind Chill: 44
  • Uniontown, PA: 50; Wind Chill: 50
  • State College, PA: 37; Wind Chill: 37
  • Frederick, MD: 45; Wind Chill: 41
  • BWI Airport, MD: 49; Wind Chill: 46
  • DC (KDCA):  51; Wind Chill: 48


Western PA:

Main threat: Rain. Could be heavy at times. Slipp’y roads. Lightning threat low, but could occur.

  • Today: Chance of rain moves in by afternoon/evening. Breezy. Highs: 60s Overnight Lows: 40s/Low 50s
  • Tuesday: Rain likely. Boomers possible. Highs: 50s/60s Overnight Lows: Upper 40s/Low 50s
  • Wednesday: Risk of rain continues. Boomers still possible. Highs: 60s. Some areas in SW PA could hit the 70s. Overnight Lows: Upper 40s/Low 50s

DC Region:

Main threat: Rain could cause slippery roads. Heavy rain is possible at times.

  • Today: Increasing Clouds. Chance of rain moves in tonight. Highs: Low to Mid 60s Overnight Lows: Upper 40s/Low 50s
  • Tuesday:  Rain. Highs: Mid to Upper 50s Overnight Lows: 50s
  • Wednesday: Rain continues. Boomers possible. Highs: Upper 60s/Low 70s. Overnight Lows: Upper 50s/Low 60s

Good News: Nights stay warmer. Afternoons cool but comfy.

Bad News: Wet. Saturated. Damp. Moist. Words that most people do not like.