Winter Storm Jagoff (Sunday March 2 – Early Tuesday March 4) – First Look

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Start: Sunday Afternoon (Exact Timing Still Needs Ironed Out)

End: Early Tuesday

Why did I overlap ranges? Time frame still 3 and a half days out essentially. Still a lot shifting that could go on.


  • Bulk of precipitation has been moving further south with each model run. Potential further southerly trends. This could allow for less snow up north.
  • Any warming in the south could allow for more mixing and lower snow totals.

Main threats:

  • Heavy snow
  • Untreated roads
  • Low visibilities
  • Ice in southern PA.
  • Pittsburgh running low on salt so I’m not sure what they will do to prepare.
  • Ice Jam in Oil City concern with building more ice up.

If you don’t NEED to drive Sunday night and into Monday, DON’T. Otherwise, drive carefully and slowly. You’ve had a lot of experience this winter.