Winter Storm Golden Corral To Bring Buffet of Winter Weather (1st Guess)

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In all seriousness, this will be a significant winter storm. First it will bring significant ice and snow to the Southeast the next couple of days before riding up the coast and dumping snow on the Mid-Atlantic. What you need to know when it hits the Mid-Atlantic:

  • Moderate to severe impacts expected from the DC region up to Boston.
  • Start times: DC: 7pm – 10pm Wednesday; Philly: 12am – 2am Thursday; NYC: 3-5am
  • End Time: Thursday Night
  • Biggest Threats: Heavy snowfall, low visibility, untreated roads

My 1st Guess Forecast:

  • Conservative forecast. Gives a general idea of where heaviest snow will fall. With current model trends, I expect some higher amounts with some areas seeing more than a foot of snow.
  • Still some risk to the forecast: With some models still keeping the system further to the east, there could be less snow in the far western areas of my forecast. Mixing could also lower amounts right along the East Coast.
  • What could change on my forecast map? Widen the 8-12″ contour and extend it into Philly. Could add a 12-18″ contour somewhere within that 8-12″ contour. 12+” could be more localized though. Details will come later today.

Big City Forecast (Downtown):

  • DC: 5-10″ (Northwest of city could see 10″ or more)
  • Philly: 5-10″ (Suburbs to the west could see over 10″)
  • NYC: Manhattan: 3-6.” Suburbs to the west should see 4-8″. Long Island more mixing and less snow.