Winter Storm Golden Corral: Second Helping

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  • Moderate to severe impacts expected from the DC region up to NYC
  • Start times: DC: 7pm – 10pm Wednesday; Philly: 12am – 3am Thursday; NYC: 2am – 5am
  • End Time: Thursday Night
  • Biggest Threats: Heavy snowfall, low visibility, untreated roads

My 2nd Guess Forecast:

  • A bit more bold of a forecast. Extended 8 to 12 to northwest of Philly and into northern New Jersey. Added 12-16″ contour in western VA. May tweak one more time depending on details
  • Still some risk to the forecast: Uncertainty with track still. Euro model well west, GFS keeps it further east, and NAM is somewhere in between. Hopefully more consensus through early tomorrow. Coastal regions could be too high with mixing involved.
  • What could change on my forecast map? Minor details depending on models into tomorrow. I’ll also look at  what the mess is doing in the Southeast.

Big City Forecast:

  • DC: 5-10″ (Northwest suburbs 8-12″)
  • Philly: 5-10″ (Northwest suburbs 8-12″)
  • NYC: 4-8″ in Manhattan. Less out heading east towards Long Island.