Winter Storm Golden Corral: “3rd Plate of Shame” (Final Forecast)

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  • Moderate to severe impacts expected from the Richmond region up to NYC
  • Start times: DC: 7pm – 10pm Wednesday; Philly: 12am – 3am Thursday; NYC: 2am – 5am
  • End Time: Thursday Night Into early Friday morning
  • Biggest Threats: Heavy snowfall, low visibility, untreated roads, freezing rain (mainly southern VA)


  • DO NOT DRIVE if you don’t have to later tonight into most of tomorrow
  • Schools/Government most likely going to be closed
  • Use your noggin. If it doesn’t sound like a good idea it probably isn’t.
  • Be safe and build a snowman (my extended family member)
  • Biggest Changes from 2nd Guess: Slight westward shift. More mixing along coast. More snow in central PA

City Forecast:

  • DC: 5-10″ (8-12″ in NW suburbs)
  • Philly: 5-10″ (8-12″ in NW suburbs)
  • NYC: 3-6″ (Decreases to 2-4″ then Trace-2″ toward Long Island)
  • Richmond, VA: 4-8″
  • Scranton: 4-8″
  • State College: 3-6″
  • Breezewood: 3-6″
  • Frederick, MD: 8-12″
  • Germantown, MD: 8-12″
  • Easton, MD: 3-6″
  • Reedville, VA: 1-3″
  • Wintergreen Ski Resort: 10-15″