Winter Storm Continues Into Evening; Use Caution

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Winter Storm Continues…mainly in central/eastern PA and northern MD

  • Main Goal: Drive safely, stay away from hilly roads/back roads that are untreated mainly in southern PA/northern MD. Stay warm, drink hot chocolate.
  • Freezing Rain continues across southern PA and northern MD. Lots of power outages from northern MD into Philly region. Lots of trees down as well.
  • Snow continues across northern PA. Second round moving into northwest PA, but it should quickly move north. Erie could get significantly more snow.
  • All of it should move out of PA/MD by this evening.
  • Dry conditions move in the next few days. Should be a bit chillier.
  • Rumors of storm this weekend. Potential for something, but details are still uncertain. People talking about feet of snow, please shut up for now.

That is all. Any questions are more than welcome. Quick forecast today. Be safe everyone!