Tuesday’s Gone With the Wind

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Windy conditions and lingering wet weather will occur today before the next two days stay dry. A chance of showers could move into western PA later on Thursday. Below to near normal temperatures will persist through Thursday. Relatively quiet conditions overall. Have a good one!
Current (6 – 6:30am) Temperatures
  • Erie, PA:  35; Wind Chill: 27
  • Franklin, PA: 46; Wind Chill: 39
  • New Castle, PA: 47; Wind Chill: 40
  • Butler, PA:  48; Wind Chill: 41
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 51; Wind Chill: 43
  • Uniontown, PA: 47; Wind Chill: 44
  • State College, PA: 46; Wind Chill: 44
  • Frederick, MD: 48; Wind Chill: 45
  • BWI Airport, MD:  52; Wind Chill: 50
  • DC (KDCA):  54; Wind Chill: 51


Western PA:

Main threat: Potential slippery roads. Nothing too bad.

  • Today: Chance of of showers, especially early. Highs: Upper 40s/50s. Overnight Lows: 30s
  • Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs: Upper 40s/50s Overnight Lows: 30s
  • Thursday: Increasing clouds. Chance of rain later on. Highs: 60s Overnight Lows: Upper 30s/40s

DC Region: 

Main threat: Potential slippery roads. General traffic. Nothing significant.

  • Today Conditions start to dry out. Morning patchy fog. Decreasing clouds during the day. Highs: 60s. Overnight Lows: 40s
  • Wednesday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 60s. Overnight Lows: 40s
  • Thursday:  Mostly sunny. Highs: 60s/70s Overnight Lows: 50s

Good News: Dry conditions start to shuffle in for Wednesday and most of Thursday. Warm up into the weekend.

Bad News: Moisture lingers today. Cool down again next week. Some models are hinting at potential for snow early next week for PA. It is April though so I’m not sure how well that will pan out. I’ll keep you updated.