This Is The Winter That Never Ends, It Just Goes On and On My Friends

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It’s snowing outside in some places. Snow will continue today before conditions start to dry out into the overnight hours. I don’t suggest traveling this morning in the DC region unless you absolutely have to. Mainly dry conditions will return for Tuesday and Wednesday. Cold conditions will settle back in over the next few days though as wind chills drop to below zero, especially in PA and northern MD. Stay warm, drink hot chocolate, and have a great day (and a day off for some of you)!
Current (~7am) Temperatures:
  • Erie, PA:  2; Wind Chill: -9
  • Franklin, PA: 1; Wind Chill: -9
  • New Castle, PA: 4; Wind Chill: 4
  • Butler, PA:  7; Wind Chill: -2
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 9; Wind Chill: -4
  • Uniontown, PA: -1; Wind Chill: -1
  • State College, PA: 9; Wind Chill: -5
  • Frederick, MD: Broken
  • BWI Airport, MD:  23; Wind Chill: 11
  • DC (KDCA):  28; Wind Chill: 14


Western PA:

Main threat: Cold, Wind Chills Below 0

  • Today: Partly sunny. Highs: Upper single digits/teens Overnight Lows: +/- Single digits. Wind chills below 0.
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs: 20s/low 30s Overnight Lows: Single digits/Teens
  • Wednesday:  Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of snow up north. Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: Teens

DC Region: 

Main threat: Wintry today (Bad roads, heavy snow, ice), Cold settles in

  • Today: Snow continues. 4-8″ overall. South and west of downtown could see more.  Afternoon Highs: Upper teens/Low 20s Overnight Lows:Single digits
  • Tuesday:  Partly sunny  Highs: 20s Overnight Lows: Teens
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: 20s

Good News: Normals continue to increase. May see a a little relief into next week.

Bad News: Messy roads today. Cold settles back in for the next few days.