TGIF. Sorry, Suzanne Somers Is Not Involved

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After a beautiful day yesterday and a little bit of sunburn, things will be a a little wetter today. Showers will continue in PA while the DC Region looks at a risk of wet weather as well. Conditions will clear out on Saturday before another slight risk of rain moves into western PA on Sunday. DC should stay dry on Sunday before a chance of rain moves in Monday night. The threat of wet weather will continue into Tuesday as conditions cool down but dry out behind the front into the middle of next week. Have a fantastic weekend! Get out and enjoy it, especially Saturday!
Current (6 – 6:30am) Temperatures
  • Erie, PA:  46
  • Franklin, PA: 48
  • New Castle, PA: 50
  • Butler, PA:  52
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 57
  • Uniontown, PA: 56
  • State College, PA: 55
  • Frederick, MD: 57
  • BWI Airport, MD:  61
  • DC (KDCA):  63


Western PA:

Main threat: None

  • Today: Chance of of showers. Highs: Upper 50s/60s. Overnight Lows: 40s
  • Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs: 60s/Low 70s Overnight Lows: 40s/Low 50s
  • Sunday: Slight chance of showers/thunderstorms, mainly in NW PA. Otherwise, partly sunny. Highs: 70s. Some areas in SW PA could reach the 80s. Overnight Lows: 50s

DC Region:

Main threat: None

  • Today Chance of showers. Highs: Mid 70s Overnight Lows: 50s
  • Saturday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low 70s. Overnight Lows: 50s
  • Sunday:  Mostly sunny.  Highs: 70s/Low 80s Overnight Lows: 50s/Low 60s

Good News: Warmth through Monday. Beautiful Saturday and maybe Sunday. Get outside!

Bad News: Models still like snowfall next Tuesday for PA. With the sun angle this time of year, tough to get significant amounts if any at all. Depends on timing (night or day) and track of system whether you see any accumulations.