Temperatures To Drop 20+ Degrees By This Afternoon. Watch Out For Icy Roads This Morning From Refreezing Rain/Melted Snow. Ned Ryerson Says So.

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The front is starting to push into western PA as temperatures will start to drop dramatically throughout the morning and into the afternoon. These temperatures will drop to below freezing, allowing for ice to form on untreated surfaces. Temperatures drop into the 10s this afternoon, making road treatments less effective by then. A chance of snow is possible on the back edge of the system, but accumulations should be light. Conditions will dry out into Tuesday as partly sunny skies are expected. Another risk of snow will move in on Wednesday. Afternoon highs today will only be in the 10s while lows overnight drop into the single digits and low 10s. Highs in the low to mid 20s are expected on Tuesday before 30s push in on Wednesday. Lows will hold steady in the low to mid 20s on Tuesday night before single digits push in on Wednesday night. The DC Region will see the chance of rain continue today before mostly sunny skies push in on Tuesday. Partly sunny skies are expected on Wednesday. Highs in the low to mid 40s today will drop into the 30s tomorrow before mid to upper 40s push in on Wednesday. Lows in the upper 10s/low 20s tonight will rise into the mid to upper 20s tomorrow night before Wednesday night brings mid to upper 20s in. Drive safely today and take care folks! Stay warm and Happy Groundhog Day!
Current (~6-6:30am) Temperatures:
  • Erie, PA: 17; Wind Chill: -1
  • Franklin, PA: 34; Wind Chill: 27
  • New Castle, PA: 35; Wind Chill: 25
  • Butler, PA: 37; Wind Chill: 30
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KAGC): 38; Wind Chill: 30
  • Uniontown, PA: 39; Wind Chill: 31
  • State College, PA: 30; Wind Chill: 30
  • Frederick, MD: 34; Wind Chill: 34
  • BWI Airport, MD: 34; Wind Chill: 34
  • DC (KDCA): 38; Wind Chill: 33


Western PA:

Main threat: Free standing water will refreeze on roads due to quick dropping temperatures. Windy.

  • Today: Chance of snow. Windy. Afternoon Highs: 10s Overnight Lows: Single Digits/Low 10s
  • Tuesday: Partly sunny. Highs: Low to Mid 20s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 20s
  • Wednesday: Chance of snow. Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: Single Digits

DC Region: 

Main threat: Wet roads could be slick in some spots. Windy.

  • Today: Chance of rain. Windy. Highs: Low to Mid 40s Overnight Lows: Upper 10s/Low 20s
  • Tuesday: Chance of lingering light rain/snow early. Decreasing clouds during afternoon. Windy. Afternoon Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: Mid to Upper 20s
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny.  Highs: Mid to Upper 40s Overnight Lows: Mid to Upper 20s

Good News: Conditions warm up substantially this upcoming weekend

Bad News: Freestanding water on roads will refreeze today in western PA. Temperatures drop into 10s by afternoon, making road treatments less effective. Cold tonight into tomorrow morning. Chance of snow on Wednesday.