Snow Totals For Winter Storm Jabba The Hutt (Jan 21-22, 2014)

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Frost Advisories: “Let’s cut the crap. Here’s your final snow forecast”
When will it move in: Eastern PA and DC (7am-9am)
When will it leave: Overnight tonight
Worst of Event: Afternoon into Evening
Biggest Threat: Heavy snows, blowing snow, low visibilities, slick roads. Driving could be very dangerous. DO NOT drive if you do not need to.

Snow Totals through Wednesday morning:
DC Region: 6-10″
Frederick: 6-10″
Baltimore: 6-10″
Philly Region: 6-12″
Reading: 6-12″
NYC: 6-12″ with higher potential out towards Long Island.
Pittsburgh: 2-4″
Uniontown: 3-6″
State College: 2-4″
Richmond: 2-5″
Reedville, VA: 2-5″
Milford, CT: 6-12″
Oil City, PA: Dusting to an 1″

Be safe and stay warm!