“She Falls Down a Well. Eyes Go Crossed. Gets Kicked By a Mule, They Go Back. I Don’t Know.”

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Aside from a slight chance of light snow in western PA early today, conditions will remain dry throughout the weekend. Temperatures will hold in the 30s the next couple days in western PA before rising slightly into the mid 30s to low 40s on Sunday. Lows in the 20s will occur tonight and Saturday night before Sunday night lows only dip into the upper 20s to low 30s. The DC Region will see highs in the low to mid 40s through the weekend as lows continue to sit in the low to mid 30s. Still looking at a rainy Christmas Eve before changing over to snow on Christmas Day. Best risk of snow in western PA will hold close to Lake Erie. For DC, snowfall is unlikely. Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Take care folks!  
Current (~6-6:30am) Temperatures:
  • Erie, PA: 31; Wind Chill: 22
  • Franklin, PA: 27; Wind Chill: 27
  • New Castle, PA: 28; Wind Chill: 20
  • Butler, PA: 28; Wind Chill: 28
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KAGC): 27; Wind Chill: 18
  • Uniontown, PA: 25; Wind Chill: 19
  • State College, PA: 30; Wind Chill: 20
  • Frederick, MD: 36; Wind Chill: 29
  • BWI Airport, MD: 34; Wind Chill: 28
  • DC (KDCA): 37; Wind Chill: 32


Western PA:

Main threat:  None.

  • Today: Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of snow early. Highs: Low to Mid 30s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 20s
  • Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Highs: Mid 30s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 20s
  • Sunday: Mostly cloudy. Highs:  Mid 30s to Low 40s Overnight Lows: Upper 20s/Low 30s

DC Region: 

Main threat: None.

  • Today: Partly cloudy. Highs: Low to Mid 40s Overnight Lows: Low 30s
  • Saturday: Partly cloudy. Highs: Low to Mid 40s Overnight Lows: Low 30s
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low to Mid 40s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 30s

Good News: Temperatures stick around near seasonal over the next 5 days or so. Chance of snow on Christmas in western PA is increasing.

Bad News: Wet Christmas Eve could cause for some sloppy travel issues. Colder weather to bring in the new year.