Pretty Sure This Office is as Cold as Outside

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Well it was a cold Christmas morning as Franklin Regional airport got down to 7 and Pittsburgh International got down to 10 yesterday morning. Santa Claus needed the ski mask it was so frigid. The good news is that we’ll see a warm up into the weekend. Some light snow moved through the region overnight and will continue in PA throughout the day before tapering off. Dry conditions will move through the early weekend. Highs in the low to mid 30s today in western PA will bump up into the mid to upper 30s tomorrow before upper 30s and 40s move into the region by Saturday. Lows in the teens tonight will rise into the 20s and 30s the next couple of nights. As for DC. Highs in the mid 40s today and tomorrow will bump up into the 50s on Saturday. Lows in the 20s/low 30s will occur. Don’t get too used to the warmth because cold temperatures will return by early next week. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Enjoy the rest of your breaks or the rest of the short work week. Take care!