Next Few Days = Good Nap Weather

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Soggy the next 3 days thanks to an upper-level low that acts like me waking up at 2:30am (slow). A chance of thunderstorms the next couple of days as some could be severe today in western PA. Friday could dry out for DC but lingering moisture could occur in western PA. The weekend could continue a chance of light wet weather before conditions potentially dry out early next week. Below to near normal temperatures expected overall. Put on the rain jacket and/or boots and stay dry on this wet two-for-Tuesday. Take care!
Current (6-6:30am) Temperatures
  • Erie, PA:  52; Wind Chill: 45
  • Franklin, PA: 46; Wind Chill: 39
  • New Castle, PA: 50; Wind Chill: 46
  • Butler, PA: 48; Wind Chill: 42
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 52; Wind Chill: 48
  • Uniontown, PA: 48; Wind Chill: 40
  • State College, PA: 50; Wind Chill: 46
  • Frederick, MD: 46; Wind Chill: 44
  • BWI Airport, MD: 47; Wind Chill: 42
  • DC (KDCA):  50; Wind Chill: 47


Western PA:

Main threat: Heavy rains. Ponding on roads. Slipp’y roads. Slight potential for severe storms with hail/strong winds today.

  • Today: Rain. Boomers possible. Windy. Highs: 50s/Low 60s Overnight Lows: Upper 40s/Low 50s
  • Wednesday: Rain likely. Boomers still possible Highs: 60s/Low 70s Overnight Lows: Upper 40s/Low 50s
  • Thursday: Chance of showers. Highs: 50s/Low 60s Overnight Lows: 40s

DC Region:

Main threat: Slick roads due to rain. Heavy rains could also decrease visibility and cause ponding.

  • Today:  Rain likely. Windy Highs: Mid to Upper 50s Overnight Lows: 50s
  • Wednesday: Wet weather continues. Rain could be heavy at times. Boomers possible. Highs: Upper 60s to Low 70s. Overnight Lows: Upper 50s/Low 60s
  • Thursday: Chance of showers. Highs: Mid 70s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 50s

Good News: Nights stay fairly warmer due to moisture/cloud cover. 11-15 day period looks to warm up slightly.

Bad News: Rain threat continues thanks to stalling storm system.