My coworker is chasing heavy lake-effect snow east of Lake Ontario…in a Toyota Camry

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Well since tornadoes pretty low overall this year, my coworker got the urge to chase lake-effect shenanigans in his home state of NY. Potential amounts could add up to 3+ feet through the weekend. For NW PA we’re looking at a threat for lake-effect snow today, although amounts won’t be anywhere close to 3 feet. Looking at potential for maybe an inch in Oil City today while areas near Ediboro could see 3-6″ through the end of the work week. Erie and northeast of Erie will probable see 6″+ through the early weekend. A more significant storm will move in Saturday bringing a risk. of 3-6″ to Oil City (initial forecast). It’s cold. Highs in the teens and 20s for western PA over the next 3 days with lows in the teens the next couple of nights. For DC looking at dry conditions with highs in the upper20s/30s the next 3 days with lows in the 20s. Dress warmly and not like a drunk college girl during State Patty’s Day. Take care folks!