My boss is listening to a dead animal this morning…I mean Nickelback. Lord help us all.

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The weather will be a lot like Nickelback today: gross. A wintry mess in store for much of western and central PA. Reports of a rain and snow mix from Ben Yashinski near Bredinsburg and Cherrytree as of ~7am. The temperatures just above the surface are below or near freezing, but because of the warm temperatures the past few days it will take some time for ground to freeze. BIGGEST THREAT: Wet roads refreezing as temperatures drop throughout the day. Watch out for BLACK ICE on your travels throughout the day. This changeover from rain/sleet/snow over to solely snow will occur throughout the day. The further south you are the longer it will take to freeze. I am gonna say 3-6″ of snow for Oil City over the next 48 hours. A risk for higher amounts is possible, but I think early rain/sleet will decrease these amounts. It’ll stay pretty cold into the weekend. I’ll try to keep you updated on the storm Sunday, but things could get icy from Oil City all the way down to the DC area. Hope the salt trucks are out! Have a great weekend and stay safe!