Much Quieter. Little Chillier. More Snow, But Rumors Of Big Storm Likely False

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Whether you listen to Fleetwood Mac or Adele, you’ll hear something about rumors. Well that is the case with some of the hype that occurred last week with a potential “30 inch” or “feet of” snow event this weekend. Yes, parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will see snow and it should accumulate in some locations. But not too much is expected. Hype loses this time.

As for your weather this morning, temperatures are on the cold side of the pillow this morning in much of western PA. Current temperatures (~7am) in western PA and the DC Region:

  • Erie: 10; Wind Chill: 1
  • Franklin: 9; Wind Chill: 9
  • New Castle: 7; Wind Chill: 7
  • Butler: 12; Wind Chill: 12
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 14; Wind Chill: 4
  • Uniontown: 15; Wind Chill: 15
  • State College: 18; Wind Chill: 6
  • BWI Airport: 26; Wind Chill: 15
  • DC (KDCA): 30; Wind Chill: 19


Western PA:

  • Today: Partly sunny skies, maybe a little breezy at times. Highs: Teens/Low 20s. Overnight Lows: Single digits/Low teens. Wind chills could drop to below zero.
  • Friday: Partly to mostly sunny skies. Highs: Teens/Low 20s. Overnight Lows: Single digits/low teens. Wind chills could drop to below zero.
  • Saturday: A chance of snow. Could see light accumulations across the region. Highs: 20s/Low 30s. Overnight Lows: Teens.

DC Region:

  • Today: Partly sunny skies. Highs: 30s. Overnight Lows: low to mid 20s.
  • Friday: Partly sunny skies. Highs: nearing 40. Overnight Lows: Mid to upper 20s.
  • Saturday: Chance of rain/snow. Highs: mid to upper 30s. Overnight Lows: Mid to upper 20s

Good News: Drier conditions allow folks to clean up from mess yesterday.

Bad News: Temperatures will be chilly with wind chills below zero possible.