Little Cold. Lotta Sap

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Looking at a chilly day today as temperatures might not make it out of the teens in parts of western PA. Temperatures will warm up significantly into the 50s tomorrow before declining back into the 30s/40s on Saturday. Lows tonight will be chilly in the teens before 30s move in tomorrow night. Teens and 20s will return by Saturday night. Conditions will stay dry until Friday night into Saturday as showers track in.

For DC we’re looking at 30s for today before 50s and 60s move in the next couple of days. Lows in the 20s tonight will give way to 30s the next couple of nights. Conditions should stay dry.

In terms of snow yesterday, here in Oil City it doesn’t look like we got more than 2 inches tops. With a lot of warm air ahead of the front we had disgusting rain change over to sleet before snow moved in. Snow mainly came in a moderate band before some flurries fell into the night. Roads were crap from what I heard with ice, but overall things weren’t too bad. I said 2-5″ by the end of it, so not awful, but I probably scared people with my initial forecast of 4-8″. You gotta realize it is mid March and that it’s a lot tougher to cool things down this time of year.