Lingering Light Snow Early Today. Possible Wind Chills Below 0 Wednesday. Another Clipper Brings Rain/Snow on Thursday.

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As a coastal storm continues to pound southern New England, some lighter snow is lingering near the DC Region and in parts of western PA currently. This should wind down throughout the day before mostly sunny skies settle into the region on Wednesday. A big story is yet another clipper system tracking into western PA on Thursday. Several models have indicated that NW PA could get a substantial amount of snow this time instead of the bulk of snow across southwestern PA. We’ll see if things change tomorrow but I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2-5″ fall in parts of NW PA on Thursday and overnight into Friday morning. SW PA should see a chance of rain and snow during the day before changing over to snow overnight. The DC Region should also share in this clipper’s love as a mix of rain, snow, and sleet is possible. Highs in western PA will rise into the mid 10s to low 20s today before low to mid 20s move in on Wednesday. Thursday will rise into the 30s across the region on Thursday. Lows in the single digits and low 10s tonight will rise into the mid 10s to low 20s tomorrow night before Thursday night brings 10s to the area. Wind chills below 0 are possible in western PA on Wednesday. The DC Region will see highs in the mid to upper 30s today before values drop off into the low to mid 30s tomorrow. Mid 30s to low 40s will push in on Thursday. Overnight lows in the upper 10s to mid 20s tonight and tomorrow night will rise into the upper 20s to low 30s on Thursday night. Hope you all stay warm and have a great two-for-Tuesday! Take care folks!

Current (~6-6:30am) Temperatures:
  • Erie, PA: 20; Wind Chill: 9
  • Franklin, PA: 16; Wind Chill: 6
  • New Castle, PA: 18; Wind Chill: 10
  • Butler, PA: 18; Wind Chill: 18
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KAGC): 18; Wind Chill: 8
  • Uniontown, PA: 18; Wind Chill: 18
  • State College, PA: 19; Wind Chill: 9
  • Frederick, MD: 30; Wind Chill: 22
  • BWI Airport, MD: 28; Wind Chill: 21
  • DC (KDCA): 31; Wind Chill: 20


Western PA:

Main threat: Clipper system to bring rain and snow to the region Thursday. Slick roads are possible.

  • Today: Chance of light snow early. Mostly cloudy, otherwise. Highs: Low 20s Overnight Lows: Single digits/Low 10s
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: 20s Overnight Lows: Mid 10s to Low 20s
  • Thursday: Snow likely NW PA. Rain/Snow changing over to snow in SW PA. Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: Mid 10s to Low 20s

DC Region: 

Main threat: Untreated roads this morning. Clipper system to bring slick roads to the region later Thursday overnight into early Friday morning.

  • Today: Chance of lingering light snow early. Windy. Highs: Mid 30s Overnight Lows: Upper 10s to Mid 20s
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Breezy.  Highs: Low to Mid 30s Overnight Lows: Upper 10s to Mid 20s
  • Thursday: Chance of rain/snow, mainly later in the day and into the night. Afternoon Highs: Mid 30s to Low 40s Overnight Lows: Upper 20s/Low 30s

Good News: Hot chocolate season is in full swing. Aside from that, not a whole lot of good news if you’re not a snow/cold fan.

Bad News: Wind chills below 0 possible overnight tonight into tomorrow in western PA. Clipper system to bring more snow to western PA Thursday/early Friday.