It’s snowing, it’s 7am, and we’re cooking hot dogs in my coworker’s hot dog machine he won at the company party

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Snow is coming down here in Gaithersburg, MD and across much of the Mid-Atlantic. Looking at 3-6″ generally from DC up to the Philly area, with heavier isolated snowfall possible in some areas. Snow could come down heavy at times, so be careful driving if you have to. In western to central PA, not expecting too much maybe an inch or two in some areas. Further south could see more. This will clear out by this afternoon allowing for mostly sunny skies to return to the DC Area the next couple of days. Light lake-effect snow could linger in NW PA. Temperatures will hold steady today before declining into the night across the region. DC will look at 30s today and tomorrow before 20s move in on Thursday. Lows in the teens and 20s are expected. Highs in the 20s the next couple of days in PA will dip into the teens and 20s on Thursday. Lows in the teens are expected. Drive safely folks and have a great, and possibly snowy, Tuesday!