It snow joke it’s gonna snow. And get frickin’ cold

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Yeah it’s gonna snow if it isn’t already where you are in western PA. I’ll give a quick initial snow forecast for you guys, even though I probably shouldn’t with models not agreeing too well. I like the GFS (Amurican Model) more than the Euro just because it’s been more consistent. Anyways, here’s what I’m thinking from today through Friday morning:
Erie: 10+”
Oil City: 4-8″
Butler: 2-4″
Pittsburgh: 1-3″ dahntahn, 2-4″ in the Burbs.
Uniontown: 1-3″
State College: 1-3″

Main Threat:

  • Untreated roads and slick spots.
  • Heavy snow could occur across northern tier of PA

Just my initial thoughts. Depends on a lot of factors, but the cold air will be there. Parts of NW PA on Friday won’t see temperatures get out of the single digits and could see lows below 0. Have a great New Year! Continue to move forward and do great things!