I Want You To Go Outside and Enjoy It. Otherwise, You Are Wasting The Warmth and Sun Away.

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Western PA will continue to see conditions warm up along with mostly sunny skies. Highs today will peak in the mid to upper 70s before low 80s track in on Wednesday and low to mid 80s roll in on Thursday. Lows will dip into the 50s tonight before mid to upper 50s push in on Wednesday night and Thursday night.

The DC Region will see mostly sunny skies as well through Thursday. Highs will rise into the low to mid 80s today before mid to upper 80s shuffle in on Wednesday and Thursday. Lows will bottom out in the low to mid 60s tonight, Wednesday night, and Thursday night. Hope you all have a great two-for-Tuesday!

Current (~9-9:30am) Temperatures:

  • Erie, PA: 66
  • Franklin, PA: 59
  • New Castle, PA: 59
  • Butler, PA: 59
  • Pittsburgh, PA (KAGC): 56
  • Uniontown, PA: 58
  • State College, PA: 55
  • Frederick, MD: 57
  • BWI Airport, MD: 67
  • DC (KDCA): 68


Western PA:

Main threat:  None.

  • Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 70s Overnight Lows: 50s
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low 80s Overnight Lows: Mid to Upper 50s
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low to Mid 80s Overnight Lows: Mid to Upper 50s

DC Region: 

Main threat: None.

  • Today: Mostly sunny. Highs: Low to Mid 80s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 60s
  • Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 80s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 60s
  • Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs: Mid to Upper 80s Overnight Lows: Low to Mid 60s

Good News: Sunshine and warmth continue through much of the week. 

Bad News: And the bad news is…there is no bad news. I was just joking.