I thought a Pizza Hut coma was bad until I went into my Stouffer’s mac and cheese coma. Oh yeah, and that snow threat next week…we’ll see

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After my Pizza Hut coma two days ago, yesterday consisted of mac and cheese and 11 hours of sleep yesterday afternoon into this morning. As for weather here, looking at rain today across much of the region although western PA could clear out a bit before lake-effect rubbish moves in tonight. NW PA could see some flakes but no accumulation or a dusting is expected. This will continue into tomorrow before drying out on Saturday. Temperatures will stay fairly steady in the low to mid 40s and drop off into the low 30s tonight. 40s will continue on Friday and Saturday while lows drop into the upper 20s by Saturday morning. As for DC, looking at rain today before clearing out through Saturday. Highs in the 60s today will give way to 50s on Friday and Saturday. Lows in the 30s are expected. Anyways, have a fantastic thirsty Thursday!