Frost Advisories: “Oil City Schools Are Closed”

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School is closed back home as snow and freezing rain coated the region. Good holiday start to you. The snow is not done yet as lake-effect starts to push in today. You could get another 2-5″ by tomorrow morning as winds blow off the lakes. Snow early in the day in Pittsburgh before snow showers lighten up. Highs will be colder than right now this afternoon in the 20s. Gusty winds will make for a bad travel day if the roads are not plowed well. Highs in the 20s/30s will continue through Friday. Lows in the teens/20s overnight will occur. In DC, looking at rain early with some crap moving in later. 30s are expected for afternoon highs into Friday. Lows in the 20s will occur. Anyways, be safe and stay warm. No Frost Advisories tomorrow, as I want to sleep in before working Thanksgiving afternoon. Take care and have a great holiday! Enjoy your friends/family, especially if they traveled through the mess to see you.