Flood watch for northwestern PA

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You got to stick your fat fingers in the cookie jar of warmer temperatures yesterday as highs got to 45 in Franklin, 52 in Pittsburgh, and 61 in DC. Flood watch in effect from tomorrow into Sunday for northwestern PA as 2+” of rain is possible and snow will melt quickly thanks to the warmth. Be careful on the roads with ponding and heavy rains at times. Rain is expected today in western PA as well. Temperatures will continue to increase as this morning is only a couple degrees cooler than the high yesterday as highs in the 40s over the next two days in Pittsburgh give way to 50s on Sunday. Pittsburgh will see 50s the next couple before 60s move in. DC is looking dry the next couple of days before rain moves by Sunday. Toasty temps with highs in the 60s the next 2 days before 70s move in on Sunday. Colder temperatures will move in next week, as temperatures move closer to seasonal ( highs in the 30s in western PA, 40s in DC Area). Have a great weekend and stay safe! I know I will try to stay safe fro doing some crazy shoppers as I do some last minute Christmas shopping myself! Take care!