First Forecast Snow Total Map For Coastal Storm (Wed. November 26)

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  • I know the totals aren’t a lot, but the fact that it will be during holiday traffic and heavy amounts in a relatively short period of time is why it might take double the amount of time to get to where you’re going if you are traveling
  • Starts in the early morning and ends in DC/Philly/NYC during the late afternoon/evening. Boston continues precipitation into the night
  • Rain will changeover to mix/snow. More rain towards the coast. More snow further inland.
  • Risks are that models continue to trend further eastward, decreasing snowfall totals as you push the moisture source further east.wi
  • Risks also include the fact that it is November and the lack of a cold air source will make it difficult to pull a lot of cold air southward
  • Western PA: Don’t expect much if anything out of this.