Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on Jamaica, it’s bobsled time…Cool Runnings!

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It is a frigid start for many of you this morning as Hasson Heights is the winner for cold temperatures as it hit 23 this morning. Pittsburgh dropped to 25, State College 27, and DC 32. Conditions will dry out over the next three days as temperatures will warm up quite a bit into the weekend. Highs will reach the mid 30s in western PA before climbing into the 40s tomorrow and even 50s in some locations on Friday. Lows will remain cold tonight in the low to mid 20s, before upper 20s and 30s move in tomorrow night and Friday night. As for DC, dry conditions will persist as highs only reach into the 40s today before 50s move in tomorrow and Friday. Lows in the low to mid 30s will persist through tomorrow night before 40s return Friday night. Sanka, ya dead man? Ya man. Have a fantastic mid-week Wednesday Yul Brenner!