Cold. The kind of cold that makes you lay in bed and ask, “Why?” Warmth on the way this weekend, though.

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High temperatures overnight (12am- 7am) yesterday morning:

  • Erie: 36
  • Franklin: 37
  • Butler:39
  • Pittsburgh (KPIT): 43
  • State College: 32
  • DC: 42

My forecast from Monday for temperature at 7am this morning (Difference between overnight high yesterday and 7am temperature in parentheses) :

  • Erie: 0 (Difference: -36)
  • Franklin: -10 (Difference: -47)
  • Butler: -9 (Difference: -48)
  • Pittsburgh (KPIT): -9 (Difference: -52)
  • State College: -3 (Difference: -35)
  • DC: 9 (Difference: -33)

Actual 7am temperatures and departure from overnight high (12am-7am) yesterday:

  • Erie:  -4 (Difference: -40)
  • Franklin: -11 (Difference:-48)
  • Butler: -9  (Difference:-47 )
  • Pittsburgh (KPIT): -7 (Difference:-50 )
  • State College: 0 (Difference: -32)
  • DC: 15 (Difference: -27)


Western PA: Cold today, cold tomorrow, cold loosens grip on Thursday. Partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies over the next 3 days. Wind chills in the -20s possible through Wednesday.  Highs in the single digits today will warm up slightly into the single digits/teens tomorrow. 20s and low 30s return on Thursday. Lows below zero overnight will bump up into the single digits tomorrow night before teens/low 20s move in on Thursday night.

DC Region: Models tracked westward with winter storm in the Southeast, bringing a potential for light snow accumulations in the southern DC suburbs and in the Eastern Shore. Mostly sunny skies follow in behind tomorrow and Thursday. Highs in the 20s the next couple of days will bump up into the 30s on Thursday. Lows in the teens the next couple of nights will rise into the 20s by Thursday night.

GOOD NEWS: Warm up this weekend and into early to mid next week.

BAD NEWS: It’s still winter and a colder than normal pattern should return eventually.