Cold Skies With Cold Likely. A Chance Of Cold Will Continue Throughout The Cold Week.

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If you don’t catch the drift from my title, it is going to be cold this week. How cold you ask? Those warm temperatures you saw this weekend will be 20-30 degrees colder by this weekend. DC could see temperatures 35+ degrees colder by this upcoming weekend. Wind chills below zero will be possible in PA. Folks back home in Oil City, PA will postpone the flooding threat until the next big thaw. More snow could allow for the ice on Oil Creek to build higher, potentially damaging the bridges and buildings when the next thaw comes around. Some models are hinting at potential for unsettled weather next week that could bring a significant storm to the region, but the time frame is too far out to say for certain what will occur. This would not help with the ice build up back home.

Current (~7am) Temperatures:

  • Erie, PA:  22; Wind Chill: 9
  • Franklin, PA: 19; Wind Chill: 8
  • New Castle, PA: 19; Wind Chill: 9
  • Butler, PA:  21; Wind Chill: 12
  • Pittsburgh (KAGC): 23; Wind Chill: 11
  • Uniontown, PA: 20; Wind Chill: 20
  • State College, PA: 25; Wind Chill: 14
  • Frederick, MD:  34; Wind Chill: 24
  • BWI Airport, MD:  35; Wind Chill: 28
  • DC (KDCA):  39; Wind Chill: 31


Western PA:

Main threat: Cold, Wind Chills Below 0, Light Snow

  • Today:  Temperatures decline/hold steady throughout the day. Chance of light snow in the north. Breezy. Afternoon Highs: 20s  Overnight Lows: Upper single digits/Teens
  • Tuesday: Chance of light snow. Highs: 20s Overnight Lows: Single digits/teens
  • Wednesday: Best chance of widespread snow. Light accumulations possible. Highs: Teens Overnight Lows: Single digits/low teens

DC Region: 

Main threat: Cold, Light Snow/Rain

  • Today: Mostly sunny skies. Windy. Highs: 40s Overnight Lows: 20s/Low 30s
  • Tuesday: Chance of light snow/drizzle  Highs: 30s/low 40s Overnight Lows: 20s
  • Wednesday: Chance of light snow.  Highs: 30s Overnight Lows: Teens/20s

Good News: Normal temperatures continue to increase. That’s about the only good news

Bad News: Cold continues for next week or two.

Stay warm and safe folks!