Cold But Sunshine Today. Snow Tomorrow in Western PA/Rain and Snow in DC. Frigid and Windy Sunday.

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Western PA:
Today: Cold. But partly cloudy. Wind chills well below 0. Highs in the 10s. Temperatures overnight actually increase into the 10s/Low 20s.
Tomorrow: Snow. 2-5″ possible. Highs in the Upper 10s to Mid 20s. Lows plummet to below 0 overnight into Sunday. Wind chills as low as -25 during the night.
Sunday: Frigid and Windy. Lingering snow early. Highs in the positive and negative single digits. Lows well below 0. Wind chills could drop into the -20s early in the morning.

Washington D.C. Region:
Today: Mostly sunny skies. Much colder. Upper 20s. Lows in the Upper 10s/Low 20s
Tomorrow: Rain/Snow. Highs in the Upper 30s. Lows dropping into the Mid to Upper 10s.
Sunday: Decreaseing clouds. Windy. Cold. Afternoon highs in the 10s. Lows overnight in the single digits. Wind chills below 0.

Any questions? Comment or shoot me a text. Take care folks! Stay warm!