My Biggest Pet Peeves As a Meteorologist

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  • Meteorologists/weather nerds who post pictures of model total snowfall, especially without explanation. It’s one model run out of many, not a forecast. Most people don’t understand this, see the picture, and take it as gospel. You’re not a meteorologist, you’re a “modelogist.”
  • News outlets that show Euro/GFS model runs 5+ days out from event. The weather is forever changing, a lot can happen in a week.
  • Weather enthusiasts that say “if this summer event happened in winter, it would drop 100 inches of snow.” More moisture available in summer than winter, not to mention borderline snow/rain events aren’t usually 10:1 snow/rain ratios
  • The usual stereotypes we get as a meteorologist and how we are sometimes taken lightly in events we should be taken quite seriously. Sensationalism and communication can hurt this. Atlanta’s ice/snow event is a decent example.