Hard Work Is…

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Hard work.

What is it?

Who does it?

Where is it?

Hard work is the nurse who cares for patients and cleans up their bodily fluids during a 12 hour shift while studying to be a nurse practitioner during every moment outside of work.

Hard work is risking your content life in your current location to move and work tirelessly to start your own businesses and improve your quality of life.

Hard work is growing up putting cardboard in your shoes during the Great Depression, becoming a doctor, and raising 7 kids.

Hard work is a refugee leaving the violence of his home country after losing family members to work a convenient store job just so his kids can grow up in a country that provides opportunity.

Hard work is a coal miner crawling through the mines overnight, risking his health to provide for his family.

Hard work is someone who loses the ability to walk in an accident and raises funds to build a center to help those in similar situations.

Hard work is putting your kids’ needs before your own, even if it means not showering for several days.

Hard work is a meteorologist working an entire day during a tornado outbreak to help save residents’ lives despite making slightly more than minimum wage.

Hard work is a deployed member of the military not only fighting for the freedom and safety of America, but for the stability and safety of other countries.

Hard work is a minority fighting for basic human rights despite the immense hatred that comes from people in their community.

Hard work is a teacher who spends her own time and money on supplies so her students’ have one less worry when it comes to learning.

Hard work is a single mother working 3 jobs just so she can afford to put a roof over her family’s head and some food on the table.

Hard work is an artist who spends months working on a piece for a hospital so that it creates some sort of joy and hope for the patients’ there.

Hard work is growing up in Section 8 housing and finding a way to graduate from college to make a better life for yourself.

Hard work is working 21 straight hours to finish a project on time.

Hard work is helping others in need even if you need a little help in yours.

Hard work is taking a stand for what is right when right isn’t in the majority of opinion.

Hard work is accepting that people may look, act, or believe in something different than you and having the empathy to work together to make humanity better.

Hard work is not about gloating.

Hard work is not easy.

Hard work comes from learning from failure.

Hard work is taking risks.

Hard work is having aspirations.

Hard work starts with you.

Hard work can change lives.