Ian Frost

I am an operational meteorologist who formerly worked at MDA Information Systems LLC for over 4 years, where I forecast weather for energy and agriculture clients. I achieved my Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology at Pennsylvania State University in 2011. I currently work for Brad Frost Web as a web designer, as weather jobs are few and far between here in Pittsburgh after moving here to be with my amazing wife and closer to family.

Growing up in the small northwestern Pennsylvania town of Oil City, I experienced everything from severe weather to more than a foot of snow on the ground. My interest in the weather sparked during twice in my life.  First, my family would always watch The Weather Channel and I always wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist  to help society with everyday life. The second event occurred in mid-July of 2003, when a microburst caused destruction throughout my hometown. My friends and I were playing Monopoly when I looked out the window to see rain falling sideways and the huge maple tree in my front yard smash onto my driveway. The fact that the weather could change society within the blink of an eye stimulated my love for the weather and my desire to help society.

When I’m not waist-deep in weather, I enjoy watching/participating in sports, playing music, and spending time with family/friends.