You was here… and you was smoochin’ with my brother.

Temperatures have been increasing the past several hours as places like Bradford got down to -5 last night. Most of the snow that fell overnight has moved east out of the region but another swath of some light snow could make its way into the region tonight. Lake-effect snow will linger into Wednesday near Erie before southerly flow takes hold and things warm up. How warm: 40s and 50s will move in for weekend for western PA. Sadly rainy and sloppy weather will move in as well. As for the next 3 days, highs in the 20s and 30s for much of western PA with some 40s possible on Thursday. Lows in the 20s are expected. the next couple of nights. As for DC, could see some rain and snow (mainly rain) with highs in the 40s the next 2 days before 0s move in Thursday. Lows in the 30s are expected. Anyways, nothing too crazy to worry about, but it’ll be nice to have some warmer temperatures. Take care and have a great two-for-Tuesday!

Apparently I celebrated “Middle Man Monday” at work today between a client and developer

Well if you aren’t sick of the snow smorgasbord yet, you’ll get another helping overnight tonight into tomorrow. Oil City could see 1-3″ from this clipper and Pittsburgh could see an inch or 2 as well. areas east of downtown Erie will get slammed again on top of the 15 inches or so of snow on the ground there already. Temperature wise it’s cold. Wind chills currently in the negative single digits in some locations. Highs in the 20s and 30s are expected over the next couple of days. Lows in the teens and 20s are expected over the next couple of nights. Good news is that a WARM up will take place for the latter part of the week. Highs in the 40s and 50s are possible in western/central PA. A chance of snow mixed with some potential rain is possible for the DC area overnight into tomorrow. Could see a coating. Highs in the 30s and 40s are in store for the region. Lows in the low 30s are expected. Anyways, have a great day folks! 4 more days til the weekend after today. Take care!

2nd Weekend Shift/Verification-So-Far Edition

In the picture: Snow totals through last night overlaying my forecast. Today looks a bit drier with still the threat of lake-effect snow. Erie down to Crawford County could get a few more inches, where east of Erie (North East/Harborcreek) could get 5+” by tonight. Main story: Gonna be cold the next few days. Another weak system on Tuesday could drop a few more inches on western and central PA. Have a good Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!


Weekend/Winter Storm Bumblebee Tuna

It’s the weekend and I just worked overnight, so I’ll keep this brief. Didn’t change a whole lot, but central and eastern PA could get slammed and add some surprise. Snow totals with this storm and lake-effect by tomorrow night:
Erie: 6-10″
Edinboro: 4-8″
Oil City: 3-6″
Butler: 3-6″
Pittsburgh: Dahntahn 1-3″, Burbs 2-4″
Uniontown: 1-2″
State College: 4-8″

Additional Areas:
Reading, PA: 3-6″ with higher risk and 0.25″ of ice possible.
Lansdale, PA: 2-5″ (Freezing rain main concern as quarter inch of ice could form on surface)
Philadelphia, PA: Maybe a couple of inches with risk to higher side if heavy precipitation over them stays snow. Significantly more in burbs to north.
Frederick, MD: 1-3″
DC: Cold rain with some crap mixed in.

Winter Storm Bumblebee Tuna (Dec. 14-15)

Event Start: Between 3AM and 6AM on Saturday

Event End:  Main precipitation moves out Sunday morning. Lake-effect continues into Monday near Great Lakes

Forecast For Various Western/Central PA Cities:

  • Erie: 6-10″
  • Edinboro: 4-8″
  • Oil City: 3-6″
  • Butler: 3-6″
  • Pittsburgh: Dahntahn 1-3″; ‘Burbs 2-4″
  • Uniontown: 1-2″
  • State College: 3-6″

Main Threats:

  • Heavy snowfall is possible at times, especially in southern PA along turnpike and into central PA
  • With southerly flow aloft, temperatures aloft could rise to above freezing above the surface allowing for freezing rain/sleet to fall.
  • Once the main system pushes through on Sunday, temperatures will decline and any free standing water could refreeze and create black ice.

Main Risks:

  • Upper-level southerly flow could bring warm air aloft across the southern tier, bringing rain/sleet/freezing rain into the region and decreasing snowfall totals
  • A heavy band of precipitation could set up along the southern tier and into central PA, bringing potential heavy snow and increasing amounts along turnpike and into central PA
  • Lake-effect snow lingering through Sunday could add additional snowfall to areas in northwest PA if bands set up for long duration.





Winter Storm Bumblebee Tuna to affect PA this weekend

It’s a cold start to the day. Current wind chills (as of 7:15am): Erie: 3°; Franklin: -2°; Hasson Heights: 0°; Butler: -2°; Pittsburgh: 3°; Uniontown: 8°. Temperatures will stay cold into the night before temperatures start to warm up a little into the weekend. Conditions will stay dry the next couple of days before the snow storm moves in on Saturday. Areas across the south will see snow change to rain (Pittsburgh, maybe DC) while areas in the north (Erie, Oil City) see mainly snow. Still thinking 3-6″ for Oil City as long as southerly flow doesn’t advect too much warm air aloft into the region. Risks to the higher side are possible for areas north of Oil City, especially with lake-effect into Sunday. Thinking Pittsburgh could see an inch or so before rain washes it away. As for DC, dry today and tomorrow before a risk of rain (and potential snow/sleet mixed in). Highs in the 20s this afternoon will give way to 30s the next couple of days. Lows in the 20s are expected. Anyways, bundle up again (or pull your significant other close to you) because it’s cold. Enjoy your thirsty Thursday!

Snow Forecast for Weekend

My snow forecast for western/central PA Saturday and Sunday from earlier with some new thoughts:
Erie: 3-6″ (Risks are to the higher side as lake-effect bands set up on Sunday)
Edinboro: 4-8″ (It’s the Boro. It snows a lot here.)
Oil City: 3-6″ (Higher risks are possible with lake-effect Sunday)
Butler: An inch or so before rain sleet mix in (Higher risks if cold air sticks around)
Pittsburgh: Maybe an inch before rain mixes in ( Could be significantly higher in mountains east)
Uniontown: Mainly rain (Snow will mix with rain. Maybe a coating)
State College: 1-3″ with potential for State College Slop as always (Potential for less slop and more snow if cold air can stay locked in place)

My coworker is chasing heavy lake-effect snow east of Lake Ontario…in a Toyota Camry

Well since tornadoes pretty low overall this year, my coworker got the urge to chase lake-effect shenanigans in his home state of NY. Potential amounts could add up to 3+ feet through the weekend. For NW PA we’re looking at a threat for lake-effect snow today, although amounts won’t be anywhere close to 3 feet. Looking at potential for maybe an inch in Oil City today while areas near Ediboro could see 3-6″ through the end of the work week. Erie and northeast of Erie will probable see 6″+ through the early weekend. A more significant storm will move in Saturday bringing a risk. of 3-6″ to Oil City (initial forecast). It’s cold. Highs in the teens and 20s for western PA over the next 3 days with lows in the teens the next couple of nights. For DC looking at dry conditions with highs in the upper20s/30s the next 3 days with lows in the 20s. Dress warmly and not like a drunk college girl during State Patty’s Day. Take care folks!

It’s snowing, it’s 7am, and we’re cooking hot dogs in my coworker’s hot dog machine he won at the company party

Snow is coming down here in Gaithersburg, MD and across much of the Mid-Atlantic. Looking at 3-6″ generally from DC up to the Philly area, with heavier isolated snowfall possible in some areas. Snow could come down heavy at times, so be careful driving if you have to. In western to central PA, not expecting too much maybe an inch or two in some areas. Further south could see more. This will clear out by this afternoon allowing for mostly sunny skies to return to the DC Area the next couple of days. Light lake-effect snow could linger in NW PA. Temperatures will hold steady today before declining into the night across the region. DC will look at 30s today and tomorrow before 20s move in on Thursday. Lows in the teens and 20s are expected. Highs in the 20s the next couple of days in PA will dip into the teens and 20s on Thursday. Lows in the teens are expected. Drive safely folks and have a great, and possibly snowy, Tuesday!